StrawSleeves XLarge Size



Protect your reusable straws on the go with StrawSleeves.



StrawSleeves – non-plastic, cloth sleeves to carry your reusable straws! These sustainable cloth sleeves are made from 100% Hemp, Cotton, Organic Cotton and reclaimed denim fabric and stitched with 100% cotton thread. There is an “invisible inner cuff” within the design that keeps your straws deep into the pocket with no need for buttons, snaps or closures of any kind. The sleeves will protect your straw and keep it clean. (Hemp naturally provides anti-mold and anti-fungal properties). These sleeves will even protect your glass straws!

12 inch case – The Xlong Sleeve is for straws 10 to 10.5 inches in length and will fit a smoothie straw width.

Made in California

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Red Bull Denim, Purple Canvas, Taupe Print, Red Print, Camo Print, Reclaimed Denim Light, Natural Hemp, Black Hemp, Organic Cotton Light Blue Print, Teal

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