Greenfield Paper Seeded Greeting Cards




Greenfield Paper handmade seed embedded greeting cards are infused with wildflower, herb or vegetable seeds, Simply plant the paper in the garden, water daily and watch it grow! Made in the USA


Each card is embedded with a colorful array of wildflower seeds, simply plant the card, water and watch it grow! instructions are printed on the back of the card.

Gourmet Garden Greetings are embedded with different herb or vegetable seeds. The recipient can plant the card in the ground and grow their own gourmet garden.

Truly Unique

An inviting concept of communication in this world of e-mail and texting, each card is a gift unto itself.


100% recycled, contains Noninvasive and non GMO seeds and no chemicals or dyes or additives. Made in the USA.

Additional information


Hello Owl, Argyle Owl, Hummingbird, Ladybug Love, Just Bee-cause, Giraffes in Love, Ewe, Catini, Seahorse, Birthday Crab, Catnip, Happy Birthday Bee, Flying Sunflower, Love Card, Happy Birthday Tomato, Congratulations Parsley, Thank You Mint, Celebrate Thyme

About the author

Christina Trapani is the owner of Eco Maniac Company. She is also a marine debris researcher and educator. She started Eco Maniac Company in 2008 while working with sea turtles and marine mammals in Virginia. Constantly seeing the negative effects of single-use plastics on wildlife, beaches and waterways inspired her to start a business that would make it easy for people to change their single-use habits. She currently lives and works in Virginia Beach with her dog, Doo Doo Brown.