FinalStraw Rainbow



Suck responsibly with FinalStraw, the original reusable, collapsible straw.



The straw is 9 inches long, folds into 4 pieces and has an outside diameter of 9mm and inside diameter of 5mm. The case is 7 cm tall and 2.6 cm square on the bottom. It contains a built in cleaning brush.

Made with Orca tears, octopus toe nails, mermaid love, and stainless steel. The inner elastic material is made from medical and food-grade silicone. The case is made from recycled plastic. FinalStraw is latex free.

Follow this link to the How to Clean Your FinalStraw guide.

Juicy Details

BODY:     Stainless Steel
TUBING: Food Grade Silicone
OD & ID: 0.9cm, 0.5cm

BODY:   Recycled HDPE
INSIDE: Cleaning Brush

TOTAL: 1.8 oz

Additional information


Shark-butt gray rainbow, Sea Tur-teal rainbow, Healthy Coral rainbow, Arctic-Melt Blue rainbow, Porpoise-ful Purple rainbow

About the author

Christina Trapani is the owner of Eco Maniac Company. She is also a marine debris researcher and educator. She started Eco Maniac Company in 2008 while working with sea turtles and marine mammals in Virginia. Constantly seeing the negative effects of single-use plastics on wildlife, beaches and waterways inspired her to start a business that would make it easy for people to change their single-use habits. She currently lives and works in Virginia Beach with her dog, Doo Doo Brown.