ChicoBag Produce Stand rePETe 3 Pack


Three bags for your produce shopping!

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The ChicoBag Produce Stand rePETe 3 Pack is a great alternative to single-use disposable produce bags and makes it easy to remember your reusable produce bags every time you shop. The Produce Stand rePETe 3 Pack is the key to reducing your environmental impact and completely eliminating single-use plastic bags from your shopping trips.

  • Set includes 3 reusable produce bags made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles
  • Absorbs excess moisture and restricts airflow
  • Ideal for squash, broccoli, carrots and celery
  • Roll up for convenient storage when not in use
  • Made from durable, machine washable materials
  • One year warranty
  • Materials:Fabric: 100% Recycled PET
    Dimensions: Bag 12.5″ x 16″ (approximately)
    Weight: 1 oz. / .0625 lbs.
    Care Instructions: Wash cold and hang to dry.


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