ChicoBag Original



A convenient, reusable bag that holds up to 25 pounds!



A reusable bag is only valuable if it is easy to remember. The entire shopping bag easily and quickly stuffs into the carrying pouch, so your compact bag can fit into your purse or pocket. ChicoBag Original is different than other reusable bags because the compact pouch is sewn to the inside seam at the top, and includes a metal carabiner clip that attaches the compact bag-in-pouch to your bag, belt loop or anywhere you can clip the bag to always keep your bag on hand.

– Replaces 1040 Single-Use Bags Throughout Its Life

– Available in 10 Colors

– 25 Pound Carrying Capacity

– Entire Bag Stuffs Into Built In Pouch For Convenient Storage

– A Carabiner That Clips Anywhere Easily Fits In A Pocket or Purse

– Machine Washable

Materials: Made of durable woven polyester. Our fabric allows for easy opening and stuffing. No special folding is required.
Dimensions: Bag: 17″w x 15″h Pouch: 3″w x 4″h (approximately)
Capacity: 25 lbs/ 11.3kg (One gallon of milk is approximately 7 lbs.)
Weight: 1.5 oz. / 44g
Care Instructions: Wash cold and hang to dry

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About the author

Christina Trapani is the owner of Eco Maniac Company. She is also a marine debris researcher and educator. She started Eco Maniac Company in 2008 while working with sea turtles and marine mammals in Virginia. Constantly seeing the negative effects of single-use plastics on wildlife, beaches and waterways inspired her to start a business that would make it easy for people to change their single-use habits. She currently lives and works in Virginia Beach with her dog, Doo Doo Brown.

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