Balloons as Litter

Balloons are a favorite party decoration, they are sold at parades, carnivals and fairs, they are given away at stores and restaurants and released into the air during celebrations, memorials and other events. The problem is that what goes up, will come down, and the result can be deadly.  It is not uncommon to see balloons and their strings wrapped around power lines, hanging from trees, floating in the water and even worse, entangling or being ingested by wildlife. Now, we’re not saying that you should never use balloons! What we would like to stress, is that they need to stay in your control and on the ground. I want to share with you what I know and give you alternatives – Eco Maniac Style!

Informational Links about Balloon Litter
Clean Virginia Waterways
Marine Conservation Society
Balloons Blow If you find balloon litter in the state of Virginia, please report it to

Looking for sustainable alternatives to a balloon release at your next celebration? Check out Joyful Send-off for more information. Eco Maniac Company can help you too with many options for your special day!