Green Celebrations

When planning your next event: a celebration, wedding, birthday, etc., please consider the environment and explore options that will be the eco-friendly alternative.

For your send-offs, consider bubbles not balloons. Other options below can be  alternatives to products that end up as litter such as balloons, sky lanterns and plastic confetti. For more ideas, check out

Looking for the perfect wedding favor? How about reusable straws engraved with your names and/or wedding date? Reusable shopping bags are also another great option.

If you would like more information about any of these products, please contact Christina at

Champagne Bottle Bubbles
100     $1.20 each
250     $1.15 each
500    $1.10 each
1000  $1.05 each
$45 set up + shipping

Tassel Hand Fan
100     $1.69 each
300    $1.21 each
500    $1.09 each
$35 set up + shipping

engraved steel straw
Engraved stainless steel straws make great wedding favors. See more details here!