Consulting Services

Eco Maniac Company owner, Christina Trapani, often uses her expertise in marine debris to consult and contract on projects related to plastic pollution, balloon litter and other waterway conservation efforts.

Current Projects:

Keep It Beachy Clean—contracted by Clean Virginia Waterways of Longwood University to create a litter-prevention program that targets visitors to Virginia Beach’s resort and beach communities; serve as project manager working with volunteers and partner organizations, including the Virginia Aquarium, City of Virginia Beach, Virginia Beach Hotel Association and Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program; other duties include design and distribution of educational materials; creating expansion plan and securing funding; building partnerships. Read our progress report HERE. This program won the Virginia Green Travel Award for innovative green programs.

Monitoring Marine Debris in Virginia’s Coastal Zone—contracted by the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center to serve as field researcher for a marine debris monitoring and research project; recruit, train and supervise volunteers; work closely with partner organizations, especially US Fish and Wildlife Service; assist with grant reports and data analysis. Read the interim report to the Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program HERE.

Custom printed paper straws

Restaurant Sustainability Program—contracted by Clean Virginia Waterways of Longwood University to design and conduct a pilot program with Virginia Beach resort restaurants to better understand needs, barriers, perceptions and current efforts in becoming more sustainable; created and conducted interviews; gathered information on use of single-use plastics and distributed paper straws for testing; conducted follow-up with restaurants and reported potential solutions and next steps.

Monitoring Balloon Debris in Virginia—contracted by Clean Virginia Waterways of Longwood University to develop and implement a balloon litter monitoring and research project focused on Virginia’s remote beaches and barrier islands; serve as project manager to collect and analyze data for reporting and education; present findings to funders, peers and public; work with partner organizations such as Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries and The Nature Conservancy to complete monitoring surveys; assist with data analysis and grant reports.

Cigarette Litter Prevention Program: Project Manager for a pilot project at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront to reduce cigarette litter on the beach andPilot 24May2015 boardwalk. Contracted by Clean Virginia Waterways of Longwood University (2015-2016) and Surfrider Foundation, Virginia Beach Chapter (2017) to design and implement a three-year project to reduce cigarette litter in Virginia Beach’s resort area; served as project manager working with volunteers and partner organizations such as the Virginia Beach Hotel Association and its members and the City of Virginia Beach; completed pre- and post-implementation scans; obtained permits; educated the public; distributed educational materials and receptacles; analyzed the data and reported findings to Keep America Beautiful. Funded by Keep America Beautiful. Read the final reports from 2016 & 2017. Follow this program on Facebook.

A Rising Concern: Reducing Balloon Release and Debris through a Social Marketing Campaign: Consultant for the development and surveys of focus group objectives; assist in the development and pilot testing of a social marketing campaign; coordinate and conduct balloon litter monitoring on sites throughout the state of Virginia. Grant funding from the NOAA Marine Debris program, managed by Virginia’s Coastal Zone Management Program and Clean Virginia Waterways.